Anat Stainberg: an everlasting performance (Vernissage)

Dienstag, 18. Jänner 2022 | 19:00 Uhr

Anat Stainberg: An everlasting performance.
Austellung der Werk-Serie Body Forms (2019 – 2022) 

Anna Anderluh: Stimme | Vinicius Cajado: Kontrabass
Stephanie Cumming, Arttu Palmio: Performance
Andreas Joska: 3D remix | Daniel Biegger: Licht



The embodiment of images

The gallery is considered a dramatic space; artists from diverse disciplines are invited react to the Body Forms painting and create a morphing live proposal including the physical body of the performers, the body of sound, the body of light, the remixed Body Forms from the 3D printer and of course the body of the audience.


Anat Stainberg makes paintings, performances, videos and performative installations. Born in Tel Aviv where she studied and worked as an actress, 2004 she moved to Europe to continue her studies and graduated with Diploma in Performance from DasArts Amsterdam.

Her work was shown in visual art contexts like the Stedelijk Museum Bureau and in De Apple Gallery in Amsterdam and she received a prize for her work from the department of art and culture of the city of Amsterdam.

2007 she moved to Vienna and was featured in diverse local art and performance institutions like Parallel, brut Wien, WUK and Tanzquartier Wien.

Stainberg’s work is part of the collection of the city of Vienna and the theatre museum in Vienna as well as property of several international private collections.

To add to her art practice she works regularly as an actress with Viennese experimental theater company ‘Toxic Dreams’, she is a part of the programing team of the monthly performance series ‘DerBloedeDritteMittwoch’ and she collaborates in locally and internationally as a performer, voice artist and teacher.