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Samstag, 8. Juni 2013 Beginn 20:00 Uhr

MEMBERS: Hankil RYU, lo wie and Taeyong KIM

Hankil Ryu

Can the act of writing be another way of producing music?
In this project, “A. Typist,” we investigate if an act of writing can be another way of producing. We applied sound technology to the mechanism of a typewriter so that, in addition to the original sound of the typewriter, a sound derived from writing is produced. In this way, the act of writing can be another way of producing music/non-music works.

A. Typist is a project group consisting of Hankil RYU, lo wie and Taeyong KIM formed in 2011. The group is interested in unusual and sudden results of acts of writing. To investigate an unknown area between text and sound, they use old typewriters and their own mechanisms as a solution. They released their first collaboration works "Beckett's Typist," "Profile" and "Descriptions for Other Things" as three CD+Book sets in 2011.

Hankil RYU is a musician born in 1975. He has organised a monthly event called RELAY since 2005 and established his own publishing office called The Manual. He is interested in finding an alternative musical structure possessed by abandoned objects like clockworks, typewriters and telephones. After discovering the instrumental possibilities of a typewriter, he started to collaborate with writers lo wie and Taeyong KIM. The collaboration's results were released by The Manual and Mediabus as three CD+Book sets.

lo wie has written screenplays and text for video works, and now collaborates with other musicians in making sound by writing text.

Taeyong KIM is a novelist born in 1974 in Seoul, South Korea. He majored in creative writing at the Graduate School of Soongsil University. He is currently a professor of creative writing at Seoul Institute of the Arts. He has published two books of short stories, Pig on the Grass (2007) and Pimp Story (2012), and one novel, Straight Out (2010). One of his short stories has been published in France under the name J'etais un Maquereau (2011, Cartouche). He won The Korea Times Literary Award in 2008 and Moonji Literary Award in 2012. His novel examines the fate of man in a world where language invariably betrays intention, yet there is no choice but to use language to retain thought.

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