XX Y X: Billy Roisz und Agnes Hvizdalek

Dienstag, 20. April 2021 | 20:00 Uhr
Stream auf echoraeume.klingt.org

Billy Roisz: E-Bass, Elektronik | Agnes Hvizdalek: Stimme

Agnes Hvizdalek

Agnes Hvizdalek [voice] is an improvising musician originating from Vienna’s experimental music scene and is based in Oslo and Vienna. From an early age, she has dedicated her life to new music and her fascination with the human voice. She celebrates this in her abstract vocal music, for which she has received international acclaim. Always exploring new horizons, Hvizdalek has engaged in numerous cross-disciplinary collaborations merging voice and visual and performance art, dance, theatre, film, writing.



Billy Roisz

Billy Roisz [electronics, electric bass] is as well known for her directorial work as her many sound projects. She sees the creative humus for her artistic work in the extremely open DIY environment of the digital and analog electronic and noise scene in Vienna during the late 1990s and early 2000s (phonotaktik, rhiz, mego, vidok, klingt.org). Her ability to translate experimental music into visual memory images is particularly noteworthy, revealing borrowings from minimal art and conceptual art. She specializes in feedback video and video/sound interaction by using monitors, cameras, video mixingdesks, synchronators, computer, various electronics and a bass guitar for video and sound generating. Her interdisciplinary work is presented in live performances, cinematic works, audio-visual installations in the context of experimental music and film, composed new and old music, dance and theatre, solo or in collaboration with other artists, Her music was released a.o. through editionsMEGO, mikroton and for/wind, her videoworks are distributed by sixpackfilm & lightcone.


Die Reihe XX Y X widmet sich Werken und Aufführungen von Komponistinnen aktueller zeitgenössischer Musik, Performances und Kooperationen bildender KünstlerInnen und Musikschaffenden.

XX Y X ist eine von Michaela Schwentner kuratierte monatlich stattfindende Reihe, die an verschiedenen Orten stattfindet. XX Y X ist Teil des in Wien ansässigen Vereins für nischenmusik und populärkultur liccht.