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Sergio Merce


He plays tenor saxophone and four tracks portastudio without tapes, he was born in 1973. Works in projects that involve the interaction between free improvisation and contemporary music.
He studied classic saxophone for 9 years in the official conservatory of Moron "Alberto Ginastera", improvisation inside jazz style with Sergio Petravich and with Carlos Lastra, paying especial attention to John Coltrane's techniques and spirit. He works as a music teacher in kindergardens since 1998.
He has realized concerts and improvisation work shops for children in Argentina and many countries in Europe.
In the last years he developed his work around extended techniques on the saxophone, and in the same way developed his electronic music.
In May 2002 he made an European tour with Lucio Capece, playing as a duo as well as with European musicians in Brussels (Les Bains Connective), Amsterdam (Overtom 301, ciclo „Kraakgeluiden“), London (Red Rose), Berlin (The Kule „Labor Sonor“), Sczecin (Poland, „Musica Genera“ Festival).
In September 2003 he made a tour around Belgium, France and Holland, playing five concerts based on the famous Cornelius Cardews piece „Treatise“, next to the prestigious English guitar player Keith Rowe and his electro-acoustic ensemble.
He had played next to some of the more important musicians of the international vanguard scene: Axel Dörner (Germany), Andrea Neumann (Germany), Burkhard Beins (Germany), Julia Eckhardt (Germany / Belgium), Alex Waterman (USA), Robyn Schulkowsky (USA), Bob Rainey (USA), Wade Matthews (USA), Boris Baltschun (Germany), Serge Baghdassarians (Germany), Kyle Bruckmann (USA), Robin Hayward (England).

sergio merce


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