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Yedda Chunyu Lin

24. April 2015 Beginn 20:00 Uhr 

Yedda Chunyu Lin (Taiwan/Austria) piano, objects
Joe Abentung (Austria) electronics

My music could be noise,
could be psychedelic,
could be bizarre ... It’s an art work.
PEI is the keyword: Passion, Energy & Intensity
Yedda Chunyu Lin

Yedda Chunyu Lin : Liquid suite (for Paola & all women), 2015, world premiere of the extended version

Stephen Montague : Haiku (for piano, electronics and tape), 1987
Pierre Boulez : Douze Notations Nr.7 – Nr.12, 1945
Stephen Montague : Paramell Va, 1981

Yedda Chunyu Lin Ι pianist and composer, born in Taiwan.

When I was four, I started to play piano, took private lessons for over 15 years. For some reason, I went to study chemical engineering, but after graduation, I decided not to continue to work in this field ... Teaching piano, writing songs and working at a music company took my time ... A few years later, I decided to come to Vienna and study classical piano at the University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna. (MDW)
Manon-Liu Winter gave me big impression of contemporary music and improvisation. Franz Hautzinger’s Ensemble 3000 introduced me to a new musical freedom.
I graduated in Autumn 2008, now I live and work in Vienna. Since 2009 I started performances as an improviser and instant composer with many wonderful musicians, for example: Katharina Klement, Franz Hautzinger, Lukas Ligeti, Fritz Novotny, Daniel Lercher ... etc.
In my work, I experiment between structure, sound, minimal music, try to find a balance and – perhaps – a new expressionism.


Liquid suite (for Paola & all women)

Liquid is one of the four fundamental states of matter (the others being solid, gas and plasma), and is the only state with a definite volume but no fixed shape. Water is the most common liquid on Earth. Water in a solid state is ice.
Like a gas, a liquid is able to flow and take the shape of a container.

I’m a teacher, a pianist, a composer, an artist.
Beyond all, I’m a mother, a wife and a woman.
They said women are like water, I say women are also like liquid ...

Some key words about Liquid:
Liquid ... Water ... Ice ... Steam ... Drinks ...

In this composition, I experiment different sounds, play between dissonance, noise, conventional and unconventional melodies and harmonies, influenced by my classical piano education and taiwanese / asian backgrounds.
I play the piano not only in a conventional way, but also use some objects, such like titanic pipes or wooden sticks ... etc. to produce diverse interesting sounds from the keys and strings and to encode my fantasies.


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