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6. Juni 2019 Ι 19:00 Uhr Losing control

Three pieces by and with autonomous music systems.

Dario Sanfilippo / Philip Leitner


Introduction: Discussion on music complex systems

Philip Leitner - Optimal Brain Damage #8372 (2013)
Dario Sanfilippo - Order from Noise - Homage to H. von Foerster (2017-2019)
Two-human, two-machine improvisation

The creative practice is moving progressively from the synthesis of sound to the synthesis of formal developments and artificial expressiveness. Today, the role of the composer is largely concerned with composing music systems that compose music rather than assembling sonic materials into a music piece.

Complex adaptive systems in music give the possibility to shape a structurally complex sonic output into what reflects the aesthetics of the composer while carrying an intrinsic novelty due to their emergent behaviours.

Losing control to gain complexity.

There is indeed an aesthetics of the machine that is crucial for the exploration of new music through the cooperation of the human and the artificial.

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