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10. Dezember 2015 / 20:00 Uhr

In Kooperation Kooperation mit dem gleichnamigen Kulturzentrum in Buenos Aires

Programm :
Santiago Díez Fischer : Sensitive Switch für Posaune und Violoncello, 2015, UA
Santiago Villalba : Instant Factory für Flöte, Klarinette, Posaune, Klavier und Violoncello, 2015, UA
Abel Paul : El Lugar Callado für Flötisten, Perkussionisten und Video, 2012
Luciano Azzigotti : Floema für Sextett, 2015, UA
Lucas Luján : Ampliación de lo Disponible für Sextett, 2015, UA

conDiT.container ensemble :
Audrey G. Perreault, flutes Ι Scott Lygate, clarinets
Carlota Cáceres, percussion Ι Marianne Salmona, piano
Myriam García Fidalgo, cello Ι Juna Winston, trombone
Clara Wildberger, Video Ι Leonhard Garms, Dirigent
Luciano Azzigotti, Künstlerische Leitung

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung der argentinischen Botschaft in Wien
und der österreichischen Botschaft in Buenos Aires

Abel Paul : El Lugar Callado
Describe how it is that no object has its limitation in the mirror but in the eye which sees it in the mirror. For if you look at your face in the mirror, the part resembles the whole in as much as the part is everywhere in the mirror, and the whole is in every part of the same mirror, and the same is true of the whole image of any object placed opposite to this mirror. [Notebooks of Leonardo, 2nd book]

Luciano Azzigotti : Floema
The metaphor of floema [phloem] works like a living tissue that organize a system of interchange. Living things are not composed, they react and interchange energy with the enviroment. This mechanism is reflected in the work by it’s non-additive logic, varying the proporties of materials continuously and delicately. The tree makes not diferences between the root, the stem, the branches and the flowers. The entire tree is the fruit.

Lucas Luján : Ampliación de lo Disponible
From working with higly fragmented materiales, I began an exploration about how to achieve sustain them over time. Since one of the main characeteristics of these ­materials is ther state of fragility (meaning weakness and the inability to sustain over time) I found is exactly this, in its interchangeability, that allows me to build a kind of stream in which each molecule is unique while iths is forming the flow of the whole piece. In this work I explore precisely this: the becoming of the same, or better said, a segment of this becoming.


Santiago Diez Fischer
Santiago Tomás Díez Fischer (1977, Ramos Mejia, Argentina), composition Assistant Professor Haute Ecole de Musique de Geneva, has a degree in Composition and Choir Conducting from the Faculty of Arts and Musical Sciences of the Catholic University of Argentina (UCA). He took composing lessons with ­Rebecca Saunders in Berlin, with Francois Bayle, Yan Maresz and Philippe Leroux in Paris and with Jorge Sad in Argentina.
He took several courses, compositions masterclass, residences and festivals: Schloss Solitude Akademie 2011 (with Chaya Czernowin, Steven Takasugi and Amnon Wolman) Darmstadt 2012 (selected for the Ensemble Composition Workshop), Acanthes 2011, Impuls Academy (Graz, Austria, 2011), Atlantic Center for the Arts, (2004), etc.
He has received various scholarships including IRCAM – CURSUS 2009/2010, Eichstätt- Ingolstadt University, Germany (2003), Antorchas Foundation (2004), a scholarship from the Secretaría de Cultura de la Nación (2004) and a scholarship given by the Embassy of France, Mozarteum Argentine and “Cité Internationale des Arts”, Siemens Foundation.
Diez-Fischer has been awarded with the following prizes: SCRIME 2003 (France), “Música Viva 2003” (Portugal), “5o concurso de música electroacústica” (Argentina), TRIME 2004 (Argentine), “Juan Carlos Paz” for Orchestra (Argentine), IMEB Bourges 2007 (France), “Miniaturas Electroacústicas” 2007 (Spain) and IMEB “Bourges Composition Competition” (France), MUSICA VIVA 2005 (Portugal), Prix Joan Guinjoan 2009 (Spain), Clang Cut Book Berlin 2013, etc.
He worked with different ensembles such as the Ensemble Dal Niente, Soundinitiative, Ensemble SurPlus, KNM ensemble, Vortex, Le Balcon, TM+, CAIRN ensemble, L’imaginaire.
Diez-Fischer’s music has been performed and broadcasted in Argentina, France, Germany, Belgium, Greece, Spain, Austria, Portugal, Denmark, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Canada, USA, Chile and Peru.

Santiago Díez Fischer
Santiago Villalba

Santiago Villalba
Composer, born in 1982. Bachelor in Music Composition and Orchestral Direction of the Catholic University of Argentina (UCA). Currently associate professor at the ­University “Tres de Febrero” in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He agreed the scholarship “Melos / Gandini 2009” which consisted of a one year composition course issued by the prestigious argentine composer Gerardo Gandini. Winner of the second prize at the Eighth International Jurgenson Competition for Young Composers held in Moscow, Russia, in 2015. His works have been premiered in Argentina, Spain, Chile and Russia. He plays the piano and the electric bass.

Abel Paul
Abel Paúl was born in Valladolid, Spain in 1984. He studied composition (BMus and MMus) at the ‘Conservatorium van Amsterdam’ with Fabio Nieder and Richard Ayres as main professors, and at the Universität der Künste in Berlin with Walter Zimmermann. From 2009-2011 he followed a postgraduate program at that institution, where he graduated with distinction. Additionally, Paúl has attended master-classes by composers such as Pierluigi Billone, Salvatore Sciarrino, Helmut Lachenmann, Peter Ablinger, Beat Furrer, Brian Ferneyhough, Ivan Fedele and others.
Paúl has received a honorable mention at the Gaudeamus Muziekweek 2013. He has also been awarded the ‘2008 Salvatore Martirano Composition Award’at the University of Illinois, National Prize of the CDMC (Spanish Contemporary music center, 2010), SUAL Award (Vienna, 2014) and the ‘BBVA Ayudas a Creadores Culturales Award’ (Spain 2014). He has received further honorable mentions at the ‘Mauricio Kagel Wettbewerb’ in Vienna (jury: Helmut Lachenmann), ‘INAEM-Colegio de España Award’ (Paris, 2013) and the `Anything goes prize` (London, 2013). Additionally, he has been a finalist at the Gaudeamus Muziekweek (2011) and at the Henriette Bosmansprijs (2008).Abel Paúl was also named composer in residence at the 4th forum for young composers of the Ensemble Aleph. He was a composer in residence at the ‘Ligeti Academy’ (project in collaboration with the ASKO-Schoenberg ensemble) and his music was selected for the ISCM’s 2009 World Music Days in Sweden. Additionally, he has been an active participant in Acanthes, Tzlil Meudcan 2014 and Impuls-Graz (Klangforum Wien reading panel). Recently, Abel Paúl has been granted a fellowship at the Künstlerhaus Lauenburg (Germany 2014). He has received commissions from several international festivals and ensembles such as the ‘Münchener Biennale’ or the ‘Holland Festival’. Paúl’s music has been performed by internationally renowned ensembles such as ASKO-Schoenberg ensemble, Nieuw Ensemble, Ensemble Nikel, Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart, Slaagwerkgroep den Haag, Distractfold ensemble, Ensemble Aleph, ­Plural ensemble, Adapter, Insomnio Ensemble, Norrbotten NEO, Sond’Arte electric ensemble, Ensemble Platypus, Zahir ensemble and several others. His music has been performed at numerous international festivals, including the Holland Festival,Nederlandse Muziekdagen and Gaudeamus Muziekweek (Holland); Münchener Biennale, Kunstforum Hellerau, Crescendo Berlin, Unerhörte Musik (Germany); ISCM World Music Days (Sweden); Festival de música religiosa de ­Cuenca, Festival SON (Spain); Aspekte Salzburg, Klangspuren Schwaz and Impuls (Austria); Tzlil Meudcan (Israel), Spor Festival (Denmark); Time of Music (Finland); Festival MANCA, Theatre Dunois and Centre Acanthes (France); Forum Wallis (Switzerland), Krannert Center (USA); Biblioteca Nacional (Buenos Aires), etc.Dutch radio AVRO4, Radio France, Deutschlandfunk and Radio Nacional de España have broadcasted Paúl’s music. His works are published by Edition Plante Berlin (www.editionplante.com)

Abel Paul
Luciano Azzigotti

Luciano Azzigotti
Luciano Azzigotti’s work takes form from model of nature and its functionality, genetic and morphable, as generators of and re-contextualizers of dynamic object/materials that build different kind of time. In his recent work he has though about microsound, feedback , D.I.Y. and chemical instruments, as well as edge towards computer based music like dynamic interactive scores, and performance/installation pieces. Born in Buenos Aires Argentina, is pianist and composer. Founder of conDiT, the concert’s platform of technological district in BA. Teacher in Instrument 1,2 and Science & Music at University of Tres de Febrero.

Lucas Sebastián Luján
composer born in Cordoba in 1976.
He begun his studies in composition at Cordoba National University. Participant of 2nd Foro-Concurso de Música Electroacústica as compser of "Del Clarinete a la cinta", first mention by the jury comitte of Goethe Institute: Carlos Ferpozzi, Eleazar Garzón and Gonzalo Biffarela. His work has been played in important concert halls as Teatro Libertador San Martín, Aula Magna FCEFyN and differntes citites as Buenos Aires and Hannover. His work "La importancia de la maleza en el jardín" won the First Prize of the National Composition Award for guitar and orchestra. Since 2009 he is the programming assistant and graphic designer of Prosecretaría de Cultura de FCEFyN of Cordoba National University. Based in Cordoba city, he works as composer and consultor of Suonomobile Córdoba ensemble.

Lucas Sebastián Luján

About conDiT.container

In Argentina there is a tradition related to classical concert music, in which the programmers and regisseurs of argentine concert halls receive (with the support of embassies) top level foreign artists who spread the music of their countries in Argentina.
This project has the clear objective to generate a mutual opportunity, so argentine composers and musicians can spread their work abroad within an integrated ­broadcasting, recording, and international artists’ exchange program; framed by the principle of equal opportunities. The purpose is: update the old "center-periphery" relationship, energizing and encouraging the symmetry of cultural exchange between Argentina and the world.
The first chapter of Container is possible thanks to the collaboration between the Embassy of Argentina and conDiT.cheLA, whose team will be in charge of the organization, choice of repertoire and residents, commission works, and the activities advertising.
This project will be carried out by groups and halls in Vienna, Genève and Berlin, associated with conDiT, and will be the second step after the partnerships we have begun in 2014 with the reception of Austrian artists in our platform.
During 2015 conDiT will form an ensemble in Vienna with young professional musicians. The ensemble will premiere works by argentine young composers, programmed for the second Container concert (the first antecedent is Transatlantic Interscores, July 2014) on december 10th.

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