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Cornelius Cardew

The material is a transcription of my „Third Orchestra Piece 1960“, and most of the rules of conduct fort hat piece may also be applied here.

1. Progress among the sections in any way. Sections may be repeated several times.

2. The crotchet beat is variable. Excessive rubato may also be used within each beat.

3. Play a selection of the written notes; any of the written notes may be omitted. Large chords may be spread or broken. Clusters should not be considered as single elements, a selection of the notes in a cluster may be omitted, etc

4. There are four rhythmic entrances or positions in the beat: on the beat, just after the beat, between the beats, just before the beat. The players should synchronise their beats to begin with. N.B. - These notations do not determine durations; all durations are at the discetion of the players.

5. Dynamics are at the discretion of the players. Clusters are chromatic. An accidental applies only to the note it decorates. The material may be played for any length of time.