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Patrick K.-H.

(Anton Iakhontov, b. 1980)
Composer, media-artist, sound-artist, video-artist, visual-artist, designer,

Patrick K.-H. has been active on the experimental scene since middle 1990s as improvisation guitarist, founder and composer of “Beligriush” orchestra and visual artist. He currently works as electroacoustic music composer, live-acousmatic performer, video artist and animation-maker. His wide-range art experiences turns him more into interactive forms and reflects his belief that most of the laws as well as paradoxes of each single genre can be mapped to other medias for producing a certain unexpectable result.
During his childhood, he learned classical and jazz guitar (studies and studio work with Alexey Lapin), ballroom dance and visual art (classes of Viktor Norkin aka VAN). Patrick K.-H. attended to Theremin Center for Electroacoustic Music at Moscow Conservatory workshops and other activity in 1999 (workshops of Andrey Smirnov, Elisabeth Schimana, Jon Appleton). Cum laude diploma, soundproducer (GITR'09).
Since 2004, he composed music and video for a number of contemporary dance pieces of Moscow Theatre of Nations, TsEKh Dance Agency, Moscow Chamber Ballet Company, Zero Dance Company, Ohne Zuker Dance Company and independent choreographers Daria Buzovkina and Dina Khuseyn.
Based upon graphical painting, his animation is nearly repeating its historical way of evolution, through stop-motion, drawing sound and some other early-time techniques. “It had shades of Yellow Submarine and Terry Gilliam which at first seemed rather dated.” (Charlotte Kasner, Ballet Magazine, UK 2007). Terms of his videos spread from surreal short stories to so called “long pictures” – ornamental-like “still picture-in-progress” in time, which are usually presenting as video-installations.
The same with his sound art – started to cut audio tape at the age of 9, he is now almost came back to similar way (by digital means), mostly known as 40s-50s musique concrete. Coincidently, his best known piece is dedicated to exploring sounds of another type of tape, “Scotch Acoustic Session” (tape-piece, 2004, 8-channel sound installation, Diapason Gallery, NY, 2008).
Although he prefers to perform live with no-input mixer and analogue synthesizers ("Formation of ­Vision" duo with S.Kreitchi), he participates in Moscow Cyber Orchestra as a laptop-performer. Also collaborates with visual artist Andrey Bartenev at various projects.
Patrick K.-H. has had his music, video and performances presented in many festivals, including Moscow International Film Festival (Russia), Russian Act (UK, Singapore), Digital Media (Spain), Lange Nacht des Films (Austria), SKIF (Russia), New Drama (Russia). He has received grants from Trust for Mutual Understanding, Ford Foundation and residences in Diapason Gallery, New York (USA), Brut (Viena, Austria) and Dansstationen, Malmo (Sweden). His paintings were exhibited in Russian Academy of Arts, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, National Center for Contemporary Art (Moscow) etc. Author of sound installation for Alexey Kallima's "Rain Theoreme" @ Russian pavilion of 53rd ­international art exhibition la Biennale di Venezia, 2009.

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