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Günther Albrecht

* 10.8.1962 Vienna / Austria

1978-82 Learning Saxophone & Clarinet; playing in Jazz and Rock bands. In 1982 founded SOUND HOME Studio for research and development in the fields of MIDI applications, electronic sound generators and computer generated music. Since 1996 Solo concerts and sessions.

Works include Soundscapes for exhibitions, Music for computer animated videos, theatre, compositions for various ensembles and improvisations. Concerts with L.E.O. ( Cordula Boesze, Guenther Albrecht, Katharina Klement, Paul Skrepek, Seppo Gruendler & Uli Fussenegger ), Josef Novotny, Thomas Grill, Bernhard Lang, Gloria Damijan and others.

Participations at Audio Arts - Kunst in der Stadt 2, Kunsthaus Bregenz, Musée d´Art Contemporain (Lyon), gallery ERSEP (Univ. Lille), MAMCO Genf, Dolm Festival (Leeds), BEMUS (Belgrad), ICMC 2002 (Göteborg), Konfrontationen 2002 (Jazzgalerie Nickelsdorf), Electric Rainbow Coalition Festival (Hopkins Center for the Arts, Dartmouth College, Hanover, USA), The Sheppard Bar (Shepherd's Bush, London), "1.x-tended" (Neulengbach), Area 10 Project Space Peckham (Eagle Wharf, Peckham Square, London), ElectroMediaWorks '08 (Athens), Künstlerhaus Wien, MuseumsQuartier, Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst, rhiz, M.E.L. Kunsthandel, echoraum (Vienna). Concerts in Vienna, laab im walde, Graz, Berlin...

Recordings published: Solo CDs "Stiegen Stairs Scale Stopnice Lestnica" (2001), ".G.A. Feed the machine!" (2003) and the ensemble CD L.E.O. - "L.E.O. = 2 x 3" (2003).