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Angélica Castelló

*1972 México City
Recorder player (+ electronic devices, distortions, cheap toys, feedbacks, voices) performer, curator, composer, teacher.

She studied music in her native town (Conservatorio Nacional de México), in Montreal (Université de Montréal), Amsterdam (Conservatorium van Amsterdam) and Vienna (Konservatorium der Stadt Wien, Institut für Elektroakustische und Computer Musik).
Since 1999 she lives in Vienna where she teaches, She founded the concert series"Neue Musik in St Ruprecht" which she currently runs and where regularly musicians from Austria and abroad perform.
She works interdivisionaly with dancers, writers, musicians, video artists, performers,
theatres etc. Even if she stayed faithful to the ancient music (Ensemble fiori musicali), the center and heart of her work is electroacustic and New Music: Co-creation of the Ensembles low frequency orchestra, los autodisparadores (with Thomas Grill and Katharina Klement), frufru (with Maja Osojnik), cilantro (with Billy Roisz), subshrubs (with Katharina Klement, Tamara Wilhelm and Maja Osojnik) and Chesterfield (with Burkhard Stangl). With these ensembles and other musicians such as Olga Neuwirth, Wolfgang Mitterer, Isabelle Duthoit, Urkuma, Franz Hautzinger, Martin Siewert, Mario de Vega, Barbara Romen, Attila Faraveli, Gunter Schneider, Juan Jose Rivas, John Butcher, Okkyung Lee, dieb13, Matija Schellander, Kazu Uchihashi a.o. she performed across America and Europe.
As a composer she wrote for her own instruments (mainly Paetzold recorders with or without electronics), for ensembles (a.o. Danubia Saxophon Quartett, subshrubs, Bella Discordia, Haydn Piano Trio) as well as for theatre and dance; she composed several electroacustic pieces. Her Music has been recorded at labels like mosz, Ein_klang Records, Mandorla, Mikroton Records and chmafu nocords and has been presented in several radio programs.
Castelló has worked with composers like Mario Lavista, Hilda Paredes, Katharina Klement, Daniel de la Cuesta, Robert Kellner, Jorge Sanchez-Chiong, Phil Niblock, Burkhard Stangl etc. on their works, some of which have been dedicate to her.
She has performed at important festivals such as: Salzburger Festspiele, Ulrichsberger Kaleidophon, Donaufestival, Radar, Taktlos, Interpenetration, Osterfestival, Musica Genera, lmc festival, Musikprotokoll, Numusik, Music Unlimited, Wien Modern, Cha’ak’ab Paaxil, Klangspuren, Kontraste, Konfrontationen a.o. and worked several times as an artist in residence in Schrattenberg (a) and in Topolo (i).

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