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22. 9. 20:00    Trio Lacroix Ι Moser Ι Sterev

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28. 9. 20:00    
Peter Jakober
: Trio für Flöte, Cello, Vierteltonakkordeon und Zuspielung (UA)
Elisbeth Harnik : zwischen schein und tiefe (UA)
Leah Muir : As I Sing to You Songs of Ossian... (UA)

Zugabe : Bernhard Lang, Differenz/Wiederholung 3 für Flöte, Violoncello und Akkordeon (2000)

Sylvie Lacroix, Flöten
Michael Moser, Violoncello
Krassimir Sterev, Akkordeon
Leah Muir, Sprechstimme (As I Sing...)
28. 9. 20:00    

Leah Muir : As I Sing to You Songs of Ossian

As I Sing to You Songs of Ossian was composed August 2007. It is inspired by the Macpherson translation of the Ossian cycle of poems published in 1765, which inspired many Romantic composers and writers such as Schubert and Goethe. They have been scandalous and a source of contention between scholars of their worth because they posed as a translation of original celtic poetry; however, they were in fact mainly composed by Macpherson. The piece plays with this idea of translation, the acoustic compositional material is a translation of the poetic image, and also a translation of the electronic universe presented in the tape part, which in itself translating the image of certain electronic music into acoustic improvisations.

Leah Muir, who is originally from Bennington, Vermont, is currently on a Fulbright Fellowship in Vienna, Austria working with composer Chaya Czernowin at the Vienna University of Music and Performing Arts. Her current commissions and upcoming projects are an opera named Desire supported by the Argosy Foundation to be premiered in Buffalo and New York City with the Open Music Ensemble in the February of 2008, an accordion concerto to be premiered by conductor Ajtony Csaba, and a duo for cello and a bass saxophone to be premiered in Vienna summer 2008 by Suono Vero.
Muir's music has been performed in many national as well as international venues such as the Aspen Music Festival (2000), June in Buffalo (2003) and Akademie Schloss Solitude (2005) and by world famous ensembles, including the Ensemble SurPlus (Stuttgart, Germany July 2005), the New York New Music Ensemble (June In Buffalo Festival, June 2003) the Meridian Arts Ensemble (Buffalo, October 2002) the Ives Quartet (Buffalo, February 2004) the Atlantic Brass Quintet (Buffalo, October 2002), the California Ear Unit (Buffalo, March 2003), The Buffalo Symphony Orchestra (Student Orchestral Reading March 2003) and the Daedalus Quartet (Buffalo, April 2003). She also performs on the piano & cello and sings with the Open Music Ensemble and as a guest artist in many locations and times around the Buffalo area the Burchfield-Penney Art Center 2003-06, Hallwalls 2003-06, UB Art Gallery 2005-06, SoundLab 2003-06, and at June in Buffalo, 2003. She has also been on tour with the OME to Montreal (Wandelweiser Série Bozzini, September 2003) and Boston (Tufts University, April 2006, Brandeis University April 2003), Portland Maine (Local 188, April 2006) and Bennington College (April 2006).
Muir is the winner of the 2001 ASCAP Morton Gould Young Composers Award, and also the 2001 University of Missouri-Kansas City Chamber Music Composition Competition. She is a founder and co-president of the Open Music Foundation, a not-for-profit, grant-supported organization of and for composers and artists dedicated to the promotion of artistic expression based on unconventional and experimental means of communicating musical ideas.
Muir will receive a Ph.D. at the University of Buffalo in the fall this year. She completed her Master of Music in Music Composition at the University of Missouri-Kansas City in 2002, where she served as assistant conductor to the new music ensemble at UMKC, Musica Nova. She received a Bachelor of Art's degree at Bennington College in 2000 in music composition and mathematics.