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Erel / Schmoliner / Osojnik / Brandlmayr

Dienstag, 14. Jänner 2020 Ι 20 Uhr


Korhan Erel : Elektronik Ι Maja Osojnik : Elektronik, Subbassblockflöte, Stimme, Live Sampling, DJ-CD Player
Ingrid Schmoliner : Klavier Ι Martin Brandlmayr : Schlagzeug

1. Set :
Korhan Erel : Elektronik
Ingrid Schmoliner : Klavier

2. Set :
Maja Osojnik : Elektronik, Subbassblockflöte, Stimme
Martin Brandlmayr : Schlagwerk
Ingrid Schmoliner : Klavier

3. Set :
Maja Osojnik : Elektronik, Subbassblockflöte, Stimme
Martin Brandlmayr : Schlagwerk
Ingrid Schmoliner : Klavier
Korhan Erel : Elektronik

Korhan Erel und Ingrid Schmoliner werden nach einer längeren, unmittelbar davor liegenden kompositorischen Arbeitsphase diese Musik zeigen. An diesem Abend wird eine Wienpremiere die Nächste ablösen!

Ingrid Schmoliner
The pianist and vocal artist Ingrid Schmoliner lives and works as a freelance musician, composer, curator and pedagogue in Vienna.
Starting even before and during her classical education at the Carinthian State Conservatory in Klagenfurt (AT) where she majored in piano, Ingrid Schmoliners music has been influenced by her interest in improvised, experimental and contemporary music.
Due to her manifold education and specialization in the fields of vocal training, overtone singing, jazz vocals and yodeling she was invited to sing as guest soloist at the opera in Graz (AT) in collaboration with the South-Tyrolean composer Hannes Kerschbaumer in the contemporary opera “BUIO”.
In the choir composition „MUATA ERDN“ for 8 choir groups, 3 conductors, percussion, und alto solo under the direction of Franz Jochum the Styrian composer Denovaire wrote the alto solo for Ingrid Schmoliner.
Artistically she moves in the genres of new music, experimental-improvised music, avant-garde music, free jazz, folk fusion and folk music.
A further focus of her work is on the interdisciplinary collaboration with dancers, choreographers, and video artists.
2019_working stipendium for the commisioned work MNEEM for Wien Modern from the cultural ministery of Austria and from the city of Vienna MA7
2018_ working stipendium for the composition stargazers
2018_ grant for the work as a musician and composer from Vienna
2016_ working stipendium for the composition NABELÒSE
2013_ grant for the work as a musician and composer from carinthia
2011_ working stipendium from the cultural ministery of Austria

Korhan Erel
Korhan Erel is a electronic musician, improviser, sound designer based in Berlin. They play electronic instruments using various controllers, and compose, perform music and design sounds for dance, theater, installations and film. Among their projects is the trio The Liz, with whom Korhan played in several festivals and venues in Germany, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey. They play in the new music ensemble Trickster Orchestra and jazz ensemble Istanbul Composers Orchestra. They have been playing since 2011 in duo with prepared bass player Gunnar Lettow.
Korhan is a founding member of Islak Köpek (2005 – 2017), Turkey’s pioneer free improvisation group, which is regarded as the band that started the free improvisation scene in Turkey.
Korhan has had three residencies at STEIM (Center for research & development of instruments & tools for performers) in Amsterdam, where he studied use of sensors in music performance and instrument design. He was a guest composer at the Electronic Music Studios in Stockholm in January 2011.
Korhan has ten CD releases on FMR (UK), Gruenrekorder (Germany), Creative Sources Records (Portugal), Evil Rabbit Records (Netherlands/Germany), A.K. Müzik (Turkey), Müzik Hayvanı (Turkey) and Kukuruku Recordings (Greece) as well as several digital releases.
Korhan performs regularly as a solo artist as well as with their projects. They performed in Soundtrips NRW, Moers Festival, Labor Sonor, Klangzeit Festival, Borusan Music House, XJAZZ, All Ears, New Adits, Akbank Jazz Festival, Berlin Jazz Festival, TADAEX and at many more venues and festivals across the world.
Korhan’s collaboration with Sydney-based video artist Fabian Astore “The Threshold” has won the Blake Prize in Australia in 2012.

Martin Brandlmayr
Projects and bands: Radian, Trapist, Polwechsel, Kapital band1
Collaborations with ErikM, Christian Fennesz, Mats Gustafsson, Franz Hautzinger, Howe Gelb, Dieter Kovacic, Christof Kurzmann, Klaus Lang, Billy Roisz, Sachiko M, David Sylvian, John Tilbury, Ken Vandermark, Otomo Yoshihide and many others
Festivalappearances and Tours through Europe, Australia, Usa, Mexico, Japan, China, Canada installations:
Martin Brandlmayr´s „Vive les fantômes“ was awarded the Karl Sczuka Prize for Works of Radio Art 2019
Installation at Maag areal, zurich, switzerland by Martin Siewert/Martin Brandlmayr
Installation “Quartets” at the YCAM, yamaguchi, japan, by Otomo Yoshihide featuring Yoshihide/Sachiko M/Doerner/Brandlmayr
Artist in residence at Podewil, Berlin, Germany, 2002
Artist in residence at dispatch festival, Belgrade, Serbia, 2008

Maja Osojnik
*1976 born in Slovenia, lives and works in Vienna, Austria
as a singer, composer, improvising electroacoustic musician, sound artist, mostly using voice, paetzold bass recorders, own field recordings, DJ-CD, tapes and other lo-fi electronic devices, toys, trash and found objects.Maja made a name for herself in different musical fields, such as early music, contemporary, experimental, jazz, free improvisation, sound art and heavier music.
She composed music for theater, dance, animation movies, film, silent film and diverse ensembles and wrote Lyrics/Texts for different Projects such as Maja Osojnik Band, Broken.Heart.Collector and Rdeča Raketa. She gave Workshops in improvised Music in Austria, Slovenia and Korea. She founded Maja’s Musik Markt and co-organised the 7th Viennese Soulfood Festival in 2013.
She has recorded many music productions and is giving concerts in renowned festivals and clubs all over Europe as a co-founder of different Formations, among them Broken.Heart.Collector, Rdeča Raketa, Maja Osojnik Band, frufru, Ensemble MIKADO, Low Frequency Orchestra, Subshrubs, Watschen Institut…
Amherst international scholarship for the summer master-course Boston/ZDA (2000)
scholarship of cultural ministery of Slovenia (1995 – 2000)
scholarship of ministery for education in Austria (2001)
austrian state-scholarship for the composition (2009)
scholarship of DAR for Artist in Residency in Lithuania (2014)
SKE annual award (2014)
logo_ske Druck
austrian state-scholarship for the composition (2019)
sincere thanks are given to SKE-FONDS, BKA and MUSIC DEPARTMENT of city Vienna for their regular financial support of my compositions
records by broken.heart.collector, maja osojnik band “black waters” and my first solo record “let them grow” are gratefully supported by öst.musik.fonds
+ Gradus ad parnassum Austria – 3. Prize in category "recorder solo" and Raiffeisen Bank + Prize for the Composition "Ancor 2000" (2000)
+ International Young Artist´s Presentation – Early Music 2004 (IYAP – EM 2004): Antwerp/Belgium: 1.Prize Ensemble MIKADO (2004)
+ Jazz Fest Wien Award (2005)
+ SKE Publicity Prize with Low Frequency Orchestra (2007)
+ Mia Award in Category Art&Culture (2010)
+ Stella 13: prize for outstanding children production with makemake theater group – Das Kind der Seehundfrau (2013)
+ Förderpreis Stadt Wien / Award for Composition City of Vienna (2014)
+ Prize for the best Film Music with Matija Schellander (Film Einer von Uns – One of us / + Director: Stephan Richter) at the 27. Film Festival “Kinofest Lünen” Germany (2016)
+ Stella Award 17: Nomination for the best Music – theatre piece Mio, mein Mio (2017)
+ 1.Prize “das lange brennende mikro” for WENDY PFERD TOD MEXICO – a sound comic with natascha gangl & rdeča raketa at 9.Berliner Hörspielfestival 2018 (2018)

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