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Diego Chamy

Usually I work as a secretary, but this summer I study French at a language school in Paris. This is why I am in Paris. If you go to Europe in general, try to dress a little better than you usually do. In Paris I am constantly harassed for money on the streets by the poor. London is also a great city.
Diego, 16

In case ... you need something formal:

Diego Chamy works experimenting with different aspects of sound and movement. He began as a jazz drummer, but very soon he interested in the most radical expressions within that music. This makes him gradually modify his instrument and techniques, leaving then jazz language to meet the sound itself as a material, as a concrete and dynamic flow.

He develops this work in solo and related to other artists since 1998. He plays a concert bass drum in both conventional and non-conventional ways. He actually includes movements and texts in his performances.

e  c  h  o  r  a  u  m

Sechshauser Straße 66
A-1150 Wien
Tel  812 02 09
Fax  812 02 09 11