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junk & the beast

Veronika Mayer, Akkordeon, Elektronik
Petr Vrba, Klarinette, Trompete

A spontaneous open air jam session in the middle of Austrias beautiful nowhere around Nickelsdorf was the starting point for the artistic collaboration of the composer and sound artist Veronika Mayer and the musician Petr Vrba. Experimenting with air, beat frequencies and the subtle meandering of combination tones and smooth changes in intonation, the duo junk & the beast creates a stirring atmosphere with their mixture of acoustic instruments and electronic sound generators. Concentrated on the essence, they reach a radical clarity in transitions of dense to porous episodes and tension to release.


kommando raumschiff zitrone

Kai Fagaschinski, Klarinette
Christof Kurzmann, lloopp, devices, Klarinette

once upon a long time, when kai has been the commander of raumschiff zitrone (engl.: spaceship lemon), he became tired to fill that position on his own. alone! there came christof, still quite new to the city of berlin, and offered his helping hand. so one was the commanders of raumschiff zitrone from now on together.
for the big christmas-gala of the etablissement in the year 2002 the two met for the first time as ­commanders in music, and recorded a christmas-cd with the special charm, which is required for such a cause. their story continued with a few concerts for special occasions in berlin and vienna. in 2004 they produced their first full length album first time ever i saw your face in vienna, which was released in september 2006 with quincunx sound recordings (london). record release concerts were helt in berlin and new york.
in their music the fusion and the contrast between clarinet and computer is the matter. with all the sense for the abstract and the sound as such, again and again their love for pop music nevertheless gleams through.


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